About CapitalPitch

From 2012 to the present…..

CapitalPitch Pty Ltd was founded by Emlyn Scott with the aim of helping startups raise capital in a structured and more effective way. With over 20 years of financial services and business development experience at some of the largest companies in the world such as LCH. Clearnet, HSBC and Commonwealth Bank, Emlyn still made many of the classic capital raising mistakes.

In 2012, while Emlyn was the CEO of the National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX), he co-founded OpenMarkets Group. He needed to bring online trading to the NSX and the only way to do that was to build his own online broker. Emlyn has been lucky that Open Markets has since grown into the second largest online trading platform in Australia, behind CommSec (CBA).

Emlyn was the principal capital raiser for OpenMarkets in the early years and raising capital was tough. He learnt by trial and error that there is a process to successfully raise capital. That is where the idea of CapitalPitch was born. “I wanted other founders of great businesses not to struggle the way I had. I wanted to build CapitalPitch into a platform that could efficiently help startup companies raise capital” Emlyn Scott.”

In 2013, Emlyn designed CapitalPitch’s investment platform and its business model.

In 2014, Emlyn met Jeremy Liddle, who he decided to bring onto the team. Over the first couple of years CapitalPitch helped Startups with their capital raising journeys from indirect advice via blogs, templates, eBooks etc (many of which you can find below), to direct help via workshops, one on one advice and capital raising from our growing network of investors.

CapitalPitch met some very impressive businesses and Emlyn decided to set up a fund to invest directly. In 2017, CapitalPitch established a tax-free ESVCLP fund, and over the next 12 months it proceeded to make its first three investments while transitioning from its advisory heritage and move into pure venture capital fund management.

To build one of Australia’s best performing funds you need the best team.

In January 2019, Chris Sang and Glenn Butcher joined CapitalPitch and the company immediately started to gain new momentum. Chris Sang is arguably the most experienced and successful angel investor in Australia, with over 80 direct investments including unicorns in his personal portfolio. He also brought exceptional IT knowledge to the team. Glenn was previously Head of Tech at Atlassian and set up AWS for Amazon here in Australia. He is also an angel investor and has unparalleled deep tech knowledge.

The CapitalPitch name was no longer fit for purpose. As a true venture capital business we have rebrand as CP Ventures.

Since our management and name changes, CP Ventures has invested 14 startups from across the globe in Australian, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and USA. We are building one of the best performing portfolios of any Australian VC.

If you would like to know more about CP Ventures and our investments, please click HERE

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